The Big Country Anti Violence Association is committed to a vision of a future where our community is free of violence.


It is the goal of the committee to educate, to advocate for and to promote the reduction of violence in our community.

To add you own voice to our Voices of Men 2018 Campaign, consider the following:

  • Share the Facebook post with men in your friends list and challenge them to participate in the 5th Drumheller and Area Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® on May 30th, 2018



  • In 2000, 27,154 sexual offences were reported in Canada, including 24,049 sexual assaults and 3,105 other types of sexual offences. Women made up the vast majority of victims of sexual assault (86%) and other types of sexual offences (78%) (Statistics Canada, 2001).
  • 58% of adult women in Alberta have experienced at least one incident of sexual or physical assault since the age of 16 (Statistics Canada, 1993).
  • 83% of Canadian women fear walking to their cars in a public garage after dark alone. 75% fear waiting for/using public transportation. 60% fear walking alone in their own area. 39% fear being at home alone (Statistics Canada, 1993).
  • An estimated 9 million or a third of Canadians over the age of 15 years said they had experienced abuse before the age of 15 or 16 yrs.

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